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"My worldview allows for flying lizards which are not dragons."


Pasty-white librarian living in the frozen centre of Canada. I read every chance I get; I try to write as much as I can. I watch silly TV shows (hello, Lost) and good ones (Sarah Connor Chronicles). I bake and I garden, but my house would give Martha Stewart an aneurysm. I'm a parent and a spouse. I live with three other humans and 70 pounds of fur one aging Labrador Retriever.

If I've friended you, it's most likely because: a) you are, or were once, a Buffista; b) you're a writer whose work I know and like; c) I enjoy reading your posts. I may have left a comment in your journal to let you know that I added you, but because I am both shy and forgetful I don't always do so.

Friend me, defriend me, I don't mind. And you don't need to tell me that you've done either. Don't be offended if I don't friend you back immediately -- I'm adding very few journals to my reading list at the moment, thanks to limited time.

You don't have to have a LiveJournal account to leave a comment in this journal. However, I am likely to delete unsigned comments.
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